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Plastic packaging solutions! Aardvark Plastics is committed to become Australia’s first-choice plastic packaging and containers supplier. Providing ‘best’ in class packaging solutions manufactured to meet the needs of our customers throughout Australia. Primarily manufactured in Melbourne we are also representing some of the worlds leading brands of rigid plastic packaging and containers. Our brands include: ‘Toppac’, ‘Dairypack’by Polyoak and Sneddon & Kingston’s ‘SK Packaging’. We only offer premium plastic packaging solutions in order to create value for our customers and their brands.

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Wide range of containers – Tamper evident containers, Plastic ice-cream packaging, yoghurt containers, dip containers, film-seal and foil seal trays, tubs and plastic pails are all part of the comprehensive product line-up and possibly the widest range of Tamper evident containers in Australia. In-Mould-labeling (IML) is the premium solution for decorated and printed containers. Contact us to learn more.

Tamper evident plastic container range is available 60ml, 120ml, 155ml, 180ml, 185ml, 210ml, 240ml, 280ml, 365ml, 520ml, 800ml, 1180m, 1200ml. Our Pails cater for the larger sizes. Aardvark plastics supplies plastic packaging and containers nationally to all Australian capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth & Adelaide.

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    Aardvark Plastics will be Australia’s first-choice partner for plastic packaging by providing total packaging solutions that are the ‘best’ in class and which create value for our customers and their brands.

    Aardvark Plastics will actively seek to offer Environmentally Sustainable packaging options in preference to other environmentally impactful solutions. We aim to achieve this through a preference for renewable supply streams or the use of compostable bio-plastics or recycled plastic solutions wherever possible. Aardvark will wherever possible promote these environmentally sound solutions and their benefits.

    Aardvark Plastics will encourage, promote and support initiatives that offer recovery and recycling of packaging and packaging waste.

    Innovation, Technology and most importantly Service are values we stand for and are key in our strategy to achieving this vision.

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